Experts in weed control

We are specialists in treating and removing all types of weeds, for all types of situations.

We hold the NPTC/City & Guilds certificates of competence and so are qualified to apply professional herbicides. We are:-

  • Licensed to use chemical sprays for weed treatment (PA1, PA2A, PA6 & PA6A)
  • Licensed to spray in water (PA6AW)
  • We use only registered chemicals
  • We obtain the relevant Environment Agency permits to apply specialist treatments

We are experienced in treating weeds on and around water. We have the expertise to apply chemical treatments in water, on land next to water and also from a boat.

Some weeds cannot be entirely eradicated and their seeds can lie dormant for several years. As such infested areas may require regular treatment over a long period. In such circumstances we offer a 12 month warranty and if the weed returns in that time we will apply treatments again free of charge.

Below is a selection of weeds that we treat. Weeds such as Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed are covered by government legislation such the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, and it can be an offence to plant them or cause them to grow in the wild. There are many other types of weed we can remove including brambles and water lilies.

Clicking on an image may help you to identify the plant.

Japanese Knotweed

Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed

Ragwort can be poisonous to grazing animals, even when the plant has been cut.

It is the subject of specific legislation – The Ragwort Control Act 2003, which places a duty on landowners to control it and prevent its spread onto grazing land.

We may spot treat this weed, applying chemical sprays and removing by hand where necessary.

Himalayan Balsam

Himalayan Balsam, Bury, LancashireThis is a weed that spreads very quickly.

It is adept at taking over large patches of waste land and is often found on river banks. It can alter the natural ecological balance of the area where it resides, in effect killing off other plants.

We can apply a selective herbicide which will not damage surrounding grasses, and which prevents new Himalayan Balsam seeds from becoming established.

Mare’s Tail

Mare's Tail growing in wild, Lancashire

Mare’s tail, is a deep-rooted weed that can spread quickly, crowding out less vigorous plants.

Its roots may go down as deep as 2 metres, making it hard to remove.

Attempting to remove it by hand can make the problem worse, as it can regrow from small pieces that are left behind.

We can chemically treat this plant. To completely eradicate this weed several applications over a number of years may be necessary.